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Samsung Galaxy S7Edge 32gb

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Redefine what a phone can do. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the smartphone you’ll want to brag about. It provides a bigger, more stunning screen without compromise. Galaxy S7 edge is lightweight and i...

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Yet, this isn't exactly a galaxy far, far away. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge looks a lot like its predecessor, and we've heard a lot of people calling it the same device. Can't blame them really - Samsung indeed focused on refinement this time around and if you caught our regular Galaxy S7 review, you'd know we liked what they come up with.

Anyway, the real deal is on the inside. If only you look at the features it brings back, such as water protection and a microSD slot, you may conclude that the Galaxy S7 edge is what the S6 edge should've been.

But that's not where the hardware novelties end. We paid due attention to the camera in our MWC coverage and the review of the vanilla Galaxy S7 to conclude that the dual pixel autofocus, wider aperture and bigger pixel size more than make up for the lower sensor resolution.

The new flagship wouldn't have done without an engine upgrade - we guess Qualcomm's return as a chipset supplier is another sign of things getting back to normal after the Project Zero coup. The Galaxy S7 pair is powered by either Snapdragon 820, or the latest Exynos 8890, each with 4GB of RAM.

There is a bigger display with an always-on option, and a more robust battery too. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge runs the latest Android of course, skinned with the latest TouchWiz.

Samsung did well to bring back two of the most valued features - the microSD slot and water protection but the new design precludes any way of accessing the battery outside an authorized service center. The FM radio and IR blaster are gone for some reason at least in our Exynos version of the handset.

Unboxing the Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge comes in a cool black box, which holds a fast-charge-enabled AC adapter, a microUSB cable, the new Samsung headphones, and a microUSB-to-USB adapter. The small thingy came as a surprise to us, but we found it quite helpful - it enables USB OTG letting you connect peripherals and even charge other devices.The headphones are the same as the ones shipping with the Galaxy S6 edge.

Galaxy S7 edge 360

This season's S7 lineup looks pretty much like their predecessors but Samsung's Users are given a choice between a 5.5" phablet with a dual-edge curved display and a standard 5.1" screen. 

Design and build quality

So, Samsung is in a way giving the Galaxy S7 edge more responsibilities than to just be the cooler S7 sibling. The 5.5" phablet is giving the S7 series more depth (different user bases) and the regular Galaxy S7 will probably have more breathing space than the S6 last year. That said, Samsung will probably skip the edge this time around.

With a metal frame bordering the curved 5.5" Super AMOLED screen, and a sheet of curved Gorilla Glass 4 either side, the Galaxy S7 edge is, upon a casual glance, a scaled up S6 edge.

But why change, when the Galaxy S6 edge is still one of the best looking devices in the market. The Galaxy S7 edge benefits from some minor touches, mostly in how the contour of the frame and the screen curves feel against your fingertips.

So, yes, it's last year's design but still gorgeous - and this year's onyx black flavor certainly helps appreciate it even more.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is a stunner but this comes at a price. The dual glass design calls for handling with extra care and any sort of a protection case will inevitably cost some style points.


If you are familiar with the Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, there will be no secrets on the S7 edge for you, as all the controls are pretty much identical.

Most of the front is occupied by the 5.5" display, which has even less bezel than the S6 edge's screen. Up above is the earpiece, with the familiar bunch of sensors, a status LED, and the 5MP selfie camera.

Below the screen is the familiar button layout: the hardware Home Key/fingerprint reader combo, surrounded but the capacitive Back and Task Switcher keys.

The metal Power/Lock set is on the right while the volume keys are on the left.The top has the second mic and the card slot. The latter accommodates both nano-SIM and microSD cards and is secured with rubber gasket.

There is no IR blaster this time around, so no remote control duties on the S7 edge.

The audio jack, microUSB port, the primary mic, and the loudspeaker are all at the bottom

Finally, the new 12MP camera is on the back, still accounting for a small hump, but a lot less conspicuous than on the previous generation. Its companions are, as usual, a single LED flash and a heart-rate sensor.


The Super AMOLED screen is now bigger at 5.5", but the dual-edge design and minimal bezel keep the illusion of a much more compact handset. In fact, just put it next to the iPhone 6s Plus, which also has a 5.5" screen diagonal and you'll see the amazing difference in footprint for yourself.

The curve on the side is fairly minor, and the left and right edges of the screen remain mostly usable. The bezels are about 2mm thinner than we left them on the S6 edge, which is nice.

The Quad HD (1,440 x 2,560) resolution may have looked like an overkill on the Galaxy S6 series, but it's a mandatory feature for the S7 lineup. Samsung's push toward VR certainly needs every pixel available so Quad HD is perhaps the meaningful, if not the minimum, screen resolution for a pleasant experience with the Oculus-powered Gear VR headset.

Using the Galaxy S7 edge with a Gear VR is quite an impressive experience especially at first, and will get better with more and relevant content. Right now, there are plenty of photos, videos, and movies available for you to explore, and quite a few games. To be fair, however, individual pixels were visible in spite of the Quad HD resolution and the high 534ppi. Optical focusing issues seem to be another issue with some users at this stage to the point where they are not able to focus the image. It surely is promising, buy we can't wait to see GearVR Generation 2.0 whenever it comes out.

The Galaxy S7 edge has the same maximum screen brightness as the S7 when you push manually the brightness slider all the way to the right. In overdrive mode, which kicks in under bright sunlight if you have Auto brightness ON, it goes quite a bit higher than the S7 to 610nits.

The Galaxy S7 edge aced our sunlight legibility test, which means hasslе-free display performance even under bright sunlight. The score is pretty much the same as the Galaxy S7's, but a whisker lower than the S6 edge 's.

Sunlight contrast ratio

The curved sides of the display do reflect the light differently so sometimes there are

brighter reflections there. It's not enough to be an issue, though.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge battery life

Battery capacity is one more key area where Samsung gives you more than with the Galaxy S7. The smartphone packs a 3,600mAh power bank, a substantial increase over the S6 edge's 2,600mAh capacity. Okay, the battery is still sealed, but that's a lot easier to live with when there's simply more of it.

It's also quick to charge, even if the S7 edge only supports Qualcomm's QuickCharge 2.0 standard and not the latest version 3.0. Samsung promises 0 to 100% in 90min for the S7, but doesn't say just how rapidly those percentages climb from flat to, say, 70% where it starts to taper off.

Much like the company's last-year flagships, the Galaxy S7 edge is also capable of wireless charging with pads compliant with both Qi and PMA. Samsung will also sell you a fast wireless charging pad, which can fill up the battery nearly as fast as a cable will.


  1. samsung s7 edge
  2. Wall plug
  3. Usb cable
  4. Manual 
  5. Earphones

General specifications

  • Display: 5.5 inches (~76.1% screen-to-body ratio)
  • OS:Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Memory : 32 GB, RAM: 4 GB 
  • Camera: ( Primary) :12 MP
  • Dual SIM
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 3600 mAh battery

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